The Detectives Sign to Management Label EMG – Electric Media Group | April 6th, 2015

The Detectives

Apr. 6th, 2015 – Lakeland, FL
The Detectives are proud to announce that we have signed with the management label EMG – Electric Media Group. Electric Media Group is a Central-Florida based entertainer management & media company specializing in artistic services; with strengths in photography and videography, graphic design and audio production. Founded in 2014 by a husband and wife team, Kenneth and Carly Evans, EMG is dedicated to providing specialized creative services and project management for The Detectives, in efforts to grow their fan-base, increase show scheduling, and promote album & merchandise sales. Together the two will turn their energy and expertise into an innovative plan that is specific to The Detectives goals.

“I’m overly excited about our bands signing to EMG. We have a lot of goals an aspirations for this group, many that are tough to pull off on our own while trying to write music that our fans will love. The innovations we have in mind, mixed with the connections and talent levels in production that the EMG family is bringing to the table is a perfect fit for us. I’m very eager to get this next album done and start on our music videos!” – T.J. Alcock (Trombonist)

“We live busy lives, with work and family. Music is my passion and EMG gives us the help we need to share The Detectives music with the world. I’m glad to be part of the EMG family.” – Jarrod Barker (Guitarist / Frontman)

“I can’t wait to see what will become of our new venture with EMG! Having a company help channel our creative thoughts and give us some direction will do wonders for The Detectives!!! Excited to join the EMG family!” – Chris Hess (Bassist)

“I’m very excited for this opportunity. Looking forward to playing new places and expanding The Detectives fan base!” – Nick Hess (Drummer)


The D_collage

(via EMG) – “Electric Media Group approached The Detectives in early 2015 in hopes to sign the band to an Artist Development & Management deal. Kenneth Evans, co-owner of EMG, had the opportunity to produce several records for the band over the past years. Always being a fan, it was obvious whom he would seek out after EMG decided to add two distinguished acts to their roster.

The Detectives not only shine in the studio, but also more importantly, rock a stage in ways that few can. Always being a group that brings the party to any venue, a live show from these guys will never disappoint. We’re excited to announce that The Detectives have joined the EMG family as of April of this year. The Detectives are the epitome of Florida based ska and reggae music. With a mix of rock, roots reggae, and ska, they bring a unique vibe that will have you dancing one minute and vibing the next. EMG looks to capture this unique style in the means of producing their next album and shooting several music videos for the group. Also, EMG will be providing a look into the behind the scenes of The Detectives, engulfing the fan with the full experience. EMG is excited for 2015, and just as much so, to have The Detectives be a part of the team.” – EMG Press

For more information about The Detectives and EMG visit and follow them both on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, & Reverbnation.



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