The Detectives

The Detectives are an all original Reggae/Beach-Rock/Ska band hailing from Central Florida right in the middle of all the beautiful beach life the state has to offer. The combined efforts of a few band nerds, old school rockers, chorus boys, and some funky horns collaborating to bring you chillest rhythms your earbuds will allow.

We write about what we know. From heart break to good times to songs about our home town. Our music tells a story, the story of us, our trials, the good times and bad, and the people we have met along the way that influenced us some how. One thing is certain, you will have a great time listening to our music. We try to keep everything upbeat and happy!!! We have taken some west coast reggae vibe with some roots, dropped in some ska, and can’t help but let some of that blues rock that we all grew up with slip in!




EMG - Electric Media Group

The Detectives are Managed by EMG – Electric Media Group, a Central-Florida based media company specializing in artistic services, with strengths in photography and videography, graphic design and audio production. Founded in 2014 by a husband and wife team, Kenneth and Carly Evans, EMG is dedicated to providing specialized creative services and project management. Every opportunity to work with our clients allows us to turn our energy and expertise into an innovative plan that is specific to their requests and goals. Let us help you establish a cost-effective and personalized project—you won’t be disappointed!


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